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The mission of Edge of the Playground is to provide strategies for people navigating autism through speaking engagements and workshop events made for autistic people by an autistic person. It incorporates advice for both autistic people and autism parents, families, and friends all in one platform.

Praise for Edge of the Playground

As an educator, I continually look to current research as a foundation for appropriately and effectively addressing the needs of all learners. As a learning specialist, I am indebted to Mikhaela for her wisdom and practical advice as she provides an authentic context for what research reveals.. Years ago, Mikhaela’s mother and grandmother introduced me toTony Atwood. Until the birth of this blog, Atwood’s shared wisdom was the North star for acknowledging and celebrating neurodiversity. No less credible than Atwood’s work, this blog is impactful because it allows readers to walk in the shoes of an articulate spokeswoman who has experienced the Edge of the Playground first hand. Personal perspective, wisdom and humor combine to make this blog a must-follow for adults, educators, parents, and students who will surely recognize themselves as they dive deeply into this blog’s posts.

-Trish McRae, MEd

Mikhaela Ackerman

Mikhaela Ackerman is an autistic public speaker, writer, yoga instructor, and advocate. She also holds a Juris Doctorate of law. Diagnosed in early childhood, Mikhaela was nonverbal until she was 5 years old. Today, Mikhaela and her mother regularly appear at advocacy and educational events to provide both the autistic person and parent perspective. Mikhaela’s writing has been featured on The Mighty, Mental Health Talk, and many more. This website serves to bring together a wide range of community to help other autistic people and families.

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Note: The opinions expressed on this website and in speaking events are the sole opinions of Mary Lynn and Mikhaela and do not represent the opinions of any entity that employs them. Mikhaela and Mary Lynn do not provide any legal or professional medical advice. 

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