Ask The Meehee



I am so excited to be adding this part of Edge of the Playground.


My mom is my biggest supporter. She raised me in a time where no one knew what an autism diagnosis was or what therapies to try. She advocated for me through school accommodations and doctors.


I have always called my mom “meehee.” I cannot tell you exactly how the name developed but it has become our secret code and term of affection over the years.


I have been so honored to help both people on the spectrum and families. However, I am not a parent and so my advice for parents only goes so far. That is why I am launching “Ask the Meehee.” This will be an opportunity for followers to submit their questions about raising an autistic child to my mom. Once a month we will release a compilation of those questions and the answers. All you have to do is follow the website by selecting the “follow” button at the bottom of any page. Then, email your questions to and it will be included!


Special Benefits of Followers:

We know that so many people have questions and will include from non-followers as well. However, following guarantees that your question will be included.

Followers will also receive a response before the Q&A compilation is released, meaning you will not have to wait as long as everyone else!


Thank you, and we look forward to speaking with all of you!


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